2016 Dictionary

Blastoff – A SelfiePhaze post
Crazniverse – Crazy Zen Universe
Creditos – Social media feedback, approval, self esteem boosters
Genius Phone – Like a smart phone, but smarter and also more dumb
Hooniverse – Owlification of Universe/God as a Mystical Owl
Mebaji – One’s own inner guidance
Nuzzle – A SpaceTwizzle message
Owlification – Like personification, but with owls
SHIG – an acronym for ‘See How It Goes’
SelfiePhaze – Social media platform similar to, but better than, Facebook, MySpace, Tribe
SpaceTwizzle – Social media platform that integrates with SelfiePhaze but has additional capabilities combining functionality of Skype, Instagram, GPS, Twitter, Google and more
Tablito – A little tablet computer, but better


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